HMX tone-on-tone grille option

New Hertz HMX Marine coaxial feature a tone-on-tone front mesh matching the grille colour. Hertz_HM_CAM_W01_Marine_Tech   HMX coaxial speaker is optimized to perform in infinite baffle, with a solid bass and an outstanding output. The  tweeter feature an acoustic lens optimized for best off-axis dispersion and maximized SPL. The UV resistant polypropylene cone co-molded with Santoprene rubber surround together with the basket and grille injected with a Hi-temperature and UV resistant polymer neutralize water, dust and mud. The aramid fiber spider with silicone-insulated lead wires ensures durability and constant performance over time. The high-excursion mobile equipment is driven by a massive magnetic group, to deliver high undistorted sound pressure.   HMX 6.5-TW – 6.5″ 4Ohm MARINE COAX SET   HMX 6.5-TC – 6.5″ 4Ohm MARINE COAX SET BLACK Hertz_HMX_6_5_TW__C_PS HMX 8-TW – 8″ 4Ohm MARINE COAX SET Hertz_HMX_8_TW_PS HMX 8-TC – 8″ 4Ohm MARINE COAX SET BLACK Hertz_HMX_8_TW_C_PS HMX 6.5-LD-TW- 6.5″ 4Ohm MARINE COAX RGB LED SET Hertz_HMX_6_5_TW_EMO HMX 6.5-LD-TC – 6.5″ 4OhmMARINE COAX BLACK RGB SET Hertz_HMX_6_5_TW_C_EMO HMX 8-LD-TW- 8″ 4Ohm MARINE COAX RGB LED SET Hertz_HMX_8_TW_EMO

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